Keristan Phrases and Insults

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I was inspired by Polyfamilies.comís ĎA Poly-English Dictionaryí
to try to interpret Keristan phrases and insults.
The first phrase is from their site but applies to Kerista very well.'s most popular feature!

What We SaidWhat We MeantWhat We Were *Really* Saying
All of my partners are equally important to me, and they're all primary.We believe in non-preferential polyfidelity.I'd rather not explicitly spell out what the heirarchy is, but trust me - you'll know when you run into it.
You two are in dyadic withdrawal.You two are spending too much time together.The fact that you two are having such a good time together
is making me jealous. Stop it!
You two need to spend some time
working on your dyadic lovejoy.
There is something wrong with your relationship. Maybe if you two just fucked each other
for a while you would start liking each other.
You want communal rooming house.You want to live in a rented room instead of a community.You donít want to join the commune.
You want to be married in a church.You want a husband instead of a community You donít want to join the commune.
Youíre not an idealist.You canít join our commune unless you say you are an idealist.Why donít you want to fuck me & all my friends?
She did a nose job on him.Doing a Nose Job:
Where you decide to turn off on someone for their looks
after you already said they were cute enough for you
'Now that I slept with you, I notice you need a nose job!'
Sheís shallow and flighty.
The Sleeping Schedule is NOT
a sex schedule.
The Sleeping Schedule did not require that you fuck the person the night you were on with themThe Sleeping Schedule IS a sex schedule.
Sheís spinning. Different subpersonalities that want different things are being expressed in rapid successionShe's confused
You donít believe in shared leadership.
You canít be in the commune unless
you say you believe in shared leadership
You wonít do what we tell you to do.
He doesnít understand the World Plan.
What idiot cannot understand a $100 billion budget
from 1,500,000 Keristans in 900,00 B-FIC's?
Heís is stupid and shallow and just here for the sex
Sheís a vagina on wheels. Sheís a unidealistic nymphoShe will keep moving until something fills her vagina
Sheís a missile-seeking heat Sheís a unidealistic nympho She just wants something warm to fill her pussy
Heís a heat-seeking missile. Heís a unidealistic nympho He just wants something warm
to put his penis in.
Sheís into Mom-ism. She cares about the welfare of her children
more than she cares about being an idealist.
She disagrees with the group
about how to discipline her kid.
Heís being a Bright Student. Heís is asking questions like a bright student without having any depth or point to his inquiries.Heís outwardly engaging,
but really stupid and shallow.
Iím just asking for reassurance.You have done something which makes me feel
like you donít love me.
Tell me you love me.
She has Beautiful Apartment Syndrome. She would rather have a beautiful apartment than be an idealist.She would rather have a nice place to herself
than live with a bunch of dirty hippies
in rundown Victorians that we never clean.
I'm not angry.You can't be in the commune if you get angry. I'm angry.
I'm not jealous.You can't be in the commune if you get jealous. I'm jealous.
He has Family-of-Origin neuroses.He has a sick attitude towards his parents. He's still trying to have a relationship
with his parents.
We are a seduction squad.A group of the opposite-sex in one family bands together to do everything-short-of-sleeping with a potential member in order to get them to join the family. It would be quicker, easier, and more effective to sleep with the potential member - but we have a rule against that.