Yo says Hi! Only 1 Rule (?) & William A Butterfly

January 28, 2010

copyright 2010 by Yo

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I was surprised to read that Kerista only dated to the '70s. I was with Kerista in NY on the Lower East Side (later to become East Village) in about 1963. Jud was there with his lady Joy. EZ was there too, and Dau, and Good, and Turtle. I was Yo. This was before the Central American adventure. I later hooked up with Jud and EZ again in San Francisco in about 1965 or 66.

I was also surprised to hear phrases like the 69 rules of Kerista. In the old days there was only one rule, and it wasn't so much a rule as it was a statement of truth: "People don't belong to people."

And now Jud is gone. Did you know that he once called himself William A. Butterfly? Jud was a wonderful part of something wonderful.

Be well,