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I never got any feedback from anyone, except disinterest. I sound like Jud now.
In the 18+ years since the commune was dissolved, little has really been written or spoken of.

Eve wrote her explanation of the dissolution in Communities Magazine.
Jud wrote a rebuttal. Luv wrote an article in Communities
Azo threatens to make a movie. Psi threatens to write a book.

I think no one wants to deal with the accumulated negative energy that we stored up.

The references I see on the Internet are disorganized and incomplete.
I may not believe in the precepts of the Keristan ideology, but I will be damned
if some poor sucker cannot get a simple straight story about
who we were and what we believed in and what happened to us.

For all our talk about "Saving the World!" (does the world want to be saved?),
I wanted to give us somewhere to collect our documents and stories.
Many are somewhat interesting, you decide.

First I needed to resolve a few questions.

What would be the context?
- A sex cult tell-all?
- A gut-wrenching rehash of the dominance & submission details,
why's and wherefore's?

Who was qualified to tell the story?

Did anyone want our personal lives exposed AGAIN?
(Aren't we all over that?)
Did I feel comfortable exposing other people's personal lives?

Who decides what gets in?
Do we have to take a vote on every submission?

Here are my answers:

a historical memoir and forum for personal expression.

Who can write:
Each of us is qualified to tell OUR OWN story.
Let each ex-communard, non-Keristan & stranger
tell whatever story they want to tell.

Personal lives:
Most of us are aged 40+ now, 18+ years has washed over the raw emotions -
what are we going to do, get embarrassed AGAIN?
Yes, We Are! oh well...

Who decides:
Eve & I decide, using a complex formula of good taste, proper language
relevance, positive attitude, good story-telling, and whatever makes Eve & I look good.

I resolved to use:

NO REAL NAMES (of living people),

In other words, you are explicity given copyright privilege over your comments,
copyright notices will appear under every significant comment.
and I am unable to write a book or a movie WHICH INCLUDES YOUR COMMENTS
without first cutting a deal with you!
Fair Enough?

Perhaps there are people who are interested in our story and may learn from our successes & errors.

So ... that's why.