Jebby says Hi! and She joined before Keg!


copyright 2008 by Jebby

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I have just made contact with Eve Furchgott, and found this site. How wonderful!

I am the one listed as #5 Jeb.

I beg to differ on the order, but will write more later after I scan my memory banks.

If Jud is around to chime in, I think he would agree that when I joined the group, it was only Jud and Qes, plus her children.

Send this note to Jud if he is in the flesh. I have had no contact with him since 1971. It's about time!

I remember Jud gave me credit for being the first woman to "cross over" into the group thing. Keg joined, then Eve. (I think that's correct).

Most likely I'll visit Eve in Hawaii in the future. She and I lived in a Vermont commune and went west together before meeting up with Jud.

This is the email to use for any further conversation, which I truly welcome.

Feel free to post this note.