Kap says Hi! and founded Abacus Housecleaning with Buf

January 17, 2010

copyright 2010 by Kap

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Just in case you are still up dating the Commune Timeline of the Kerista web site.......

My Kerista name was Laddy Kap (Knowledge Augments Power)

I joined July 7, 1977 and left October 10, 1980.

In 1978 Buff and I formed the original Abacus as a house cleaning business.

Some of the members you are missing are Arora (Tye's friend), Jem Feather (left in '77), Jem Light, and Obo (both came and left in '78 and formed the Help Family).

Now I go by the name of Pi Ra.

Thanks for putting together the web site.