Ora says Hi and SHE started Abacus Housecleaning!

October 15, 2010

copyright 2010 by Ora

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Just for the record, Kap doesn't remember it correctly.

I began Abacus out of a brainstorm with Jud.

I was fresh out of high school when I joined Kerista in 1977, after corresponding for about 3 years and even visiting one summer in 1976. Jud and I took long walks together through Golden Gate Park and brainstormed, sang and enjoyed each other's company immensely. One day, we came up with the Abacus idea as we were trying to figure out a good money making gig for me.

Kap and Buf were quickly integrated into the business. Within months of starting the business, I had to give it up because I found that my body was too sensitive to the chemicals and dusts and such.

My KV name was Ora Joy.

On the KV timeline, I arrived just after Ram and before Azo. Val or Valley High arrived before Azo too.

Why am I not on the timeline? Just curious.

Ora Joy - Optimism Relishes Amiability aka

I don't know you, but I appreciate the kerista documentary of sorts that you' ve put up. I especially like the chuckles I get out of the phrases you published.thanks.