Kerista Commune
the names have been changed to protect the innocent

the commune that invented the words 'polyfidelity' & 'compersion'
based in the Haight-Ashbury of San Francisco from 1971-1991

(polyfidelity n. fidelitous to many partners)
(compersion n. the opposite of jealousy, positive feelings
about your partner's other intimacies)

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Kerista Article - 26 Standards (1979)

Utopian Social Contract of Kerista Village

from the "Kerista Village Handbook" February 1979

1. Current Intention of Lifetime Involvement

  • with Kerista Village
  • with the Ideals of Kerista

2. Orthodox Polyfidelity

  • Lifetime intention of involvement to family (B-FIC - Best Friend Identity Cluster) partners
  • All primary relationships within B-FIC
  • Balanced rotational sleeping schedule
  • Fidelity bond within B-FIC
  • Maximum of 12 people of each sex (adults) in B-FIC

3. Multiple Parenting of Children

  • Non-sexist parental roles
  • Non-preferential car for/involvement with all children in a B-FIC on the part of adult B-FIC members
  • Education and additional childcare provided by larger community
  • Utopian Roulette (random method of) biological fathering within B-FICs

4. Transitional Celibacy

  • No sexual involvements for members not yet in B-FICs
  • No masturbation on the part of these same people

5. Wholesome Sexual Practices

  • Sex always in the context of loving mutual reciprocity
  • No group sex
  • No mock or real sado-masochistic sexuality, bondage and discipline, or other unequal or harmful roles/practices
  • No bestaility, use of objects
  • No pedophilia
  • No incest
  • No voyeurism
  • No masturbation
  • No service-oriented or performance-oriented sex
  • No overt displays of physical affection between adults not in the same B-FIC, or in public between B-FIC members
  • Non-manic, non-compulsive, moderate attitude towards sex

6. Monastic Order Identity

  • Rational Pantheistic belief in Divinity
  • Devotion to Ideals of Humor Equality, Liberation, Love
  • Optional relationship to deity (goddess), Sister Kerista
  • Positive view of reality - past, present, future
  • Membership in Kerista Consciousness Church
  • No identity with religions, deities, other than Kerista

7. Equality

  • Non-sexism
  • Non-ageism
  • Non-racism
  • No special privileges accorded to anyone
  • Equal standard of living for all

8. Democracy

  • Majority rule on all decisions (one vote per member) with the following exceptions:
  • Who joins the B-FIC (Conscensus within B-FIC)
  • Who joins or is expelled from monastic order community (70% majority)
  • Committee decisions (majority within committee sub-group)
  • Voting rights accorded to children when they become capable of responsibly understanding matters in question

9. Economic Sharing

  • Voluntary personal wealth limitation
  • SISTER program (Surplus Income Sharing Through Egalitarian Relationships) participation by all members

10. Gestalt-Rama

  • Total, voluntary accountability of personal thoughts, feelings, behavior, activities, finances
  • High verbality level
  • Total honesty to gestalt interaction
  • Desire for truthful knowledge
  • No duplicity
  • Ability to say "NO"
  • Good manners and sensitivity
  • No getting angry, no tantrums, no obnoxious behavior
  • Acceptance of growth and change
  • Positive view of human nature, as expressed in Utopian Psychology

11. Law of Mutual Consent

  • Total reciprocity in all relationships
  • Graceful distancing, dividing and regrouping, practiced wherever relationships lose their reciprocal highness and comfort

12. Rational Approach to All Things

  • This includes mystical and emotional phenomena
  • No acceptance of lapsing into irrational self-identity

13. Good Disposition

  • Good sense of humor
  • Constancy
  • Congeniality
  • Unbugability
  • Funkiness, non-affectedness

14. No Inappropriate Outside Interests or Relationships

  • No unfinished, past relationships that drain psychic energy away from present identity and loyalties
  • No activities or involvements that do the same

15. Non-Interference in Art

  • Original plans and intentions of project originator are respected; even a majority of people who have joined the project must start over on their own rather than interfere with these original stated plans
  • Same respect for originatorship applies to person who opens up a space for common use (a flat, for instance)

16. Minus-Zero Population Growth

  • Limit of one child per woman (does not apply to adopting children, nor to women bringing in more than one child born outside the community, nor to multiple births)
  • Five year minimum waiting period for a woman after she joins community prior to conception (unless age might be a hazard)

17. Visible Joyous Vocational & Artistic Involvement

18. Clean Up Your Own Mess

19. Non-Violence (Except in Circumstance of Self-Defense)

20. Intoxication

  • Optional of 4 Keristan religious holidays a year
  • Marijuana where legal and/or alcohol

21. Concern for Good Health and Fitness

  • No smoking tobacco
  • Avoidance of processed foods and food additives
  • Attempt to practice good eating and exercise patterns

22. No Household Pets

  • Animals owned must serve useful function beyond companionship

23. Ecological Relationship to the Earth

  • Ecological lifestyle to greatest degree place and circumstance will allow
  • Utopian World Citizenship Card

24. Mastery of Basic Bookkeeping and Money Management Skills

25. Cultivation and Reinforcement of '40 Instincts' named in Utopian Psychology

  • art, beauty-aesthetics, creativity, cooperation, equality, freedom, friendship, fun, group living, happiness, healthy physical activity, honesty, humility, humor, idealism, learning, love, loyalty, moderation, nutrition, optimism, patience, practicality, rationality, religiousness, responsibility, self-direction, self-esteem, sensitivity, sexuality, sobriety, sociability, stability, survival, thought, trade, travel, variety in intimacy, verbality, work

26. Effort to Avoid and Transcend '22 Major Inhibitors of Mental Health' named in Utopian Psychology

  • anger, arrogance, envy, greed, salacious lust, sloth, impatience, intolerance, ingratiating manner, wastefulness, worry, ridicule, vindictiveness, falshood, fear, gluttony, gossip, hypocrisy, narcissism, pessimism, pride, profanity